Petty Officer Mike Daly
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I know all too well the stresses that get put on military members and other Tactical Athletes to do well on their fitness tests or face job loss.

Let me help you remove that stress from your life, so you can focus on more important things, like family.
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U.S. Navy
BACKGROUND: Joined the Delayed Enlistment program in July of 1981 after receiving a 96 on the ASVAB. Was recruited for the nuclear power program. I went to boot camp in Orlando from October to December 1981.

I was a Seaman (E3) at boot camp graduation, then went to Great Lakes after Christmas break for Machinist Mate School. I got to school on January 4th, 1982 and it was supposed to be a 30 to 45-day School, but it was so cold I graduated in 10 days with a 96. Also graduation of A school for Machinist Mate was my first advancement for petty officer third class, as the nuclear program had super-fast advancement.

Since my Nuclear class wasn't to start until May of 1982 I was assigned to the Recruiter Training Station at the Annex in Orlando and was assigned as a driver for 6 Captain's and 3 Admirals.

I started Nuke school in May of 1982 made it to the 15th week and was on mandatory 60 hours study because I didn't have physics chemistry trig or calculus in high school and I found out it was a prerequisite. Got dropped and because of the security clearance was asked to join the Master at Arms division in Orlando.

While I was training for my weapons certification I got the fantastic duty of gate guard for 3 weeks. Then I went on to get certified with the Florida State Attorney General's office to be able to work with them off the base since drugs and unauthorized absences were a big problem on the base.

I was a Master at Arms from September 1982 to January 1985. In May of 1984 I received my second-class (E5) petty officer.

In January of 1985 I was notified that my mother had less than 2 months to live from what they call chronic active hepatitis. We had three family businesses and I had a grading and clearing business that another guy was running for me.

So, a decision had to be made. I applied and got a discharge with the intention of reenlisting at a later date. But that was not to happen. My mother passed away in March of 1985 and my father took it very hard. He ended up having two heart attacks and passed away 3 years later.

As they say hindsight is 20/20 and I wished I had gone back in right after my father had passed away, but it was not in the cards. I ended up receiving my Home Builders license in 1986 and my General Contracting license in 1987. I am in my 31st year as a General Contractor and at one point around 10 years ago I had over 10 professional licenses including Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Asbestos Supervisor, Hazwoper Supervisor, and many more small ones. Guess I became an overachiever.

I am now coming back to help all people in the Services (e.g. Military, Fire, Police, and First Responders) that want help to pass their Physical Training test in their respective fields. At 54, with a family history of weight and heart problems, I have reduced my cholesterol from 264 to the most recent 145 through our program over the last 19 months with no proscription medicines. My goal on the one/80 program is to go from 223lbs to 190lbs.
Petty Officer Mike Daly
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