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This manual covers the basic information concerning nutrition, supplementation and physical training needed to meet and exceed the standard.

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Physical Training When You Have No Time…
Information and tools to allow you to meet the standard, even though you have no time for the gym or the running track.

Weight Loss & Making The Tape…The keys to body composition, weight loss do’s and don’ts…and how you can permanently stop riding the roler coaster of yo-yo dieting.

Nutrition in a Chaotic Life…
Understanding the basics of calories and fast…and what it will take to achieve your proper body weight and maintain it.

Why Is Supplementation the KEY To Your Success?Find out why a good meal isn’t enough and why your body needs more. Understand where supplements can hurt & help.


The Complete Plan of Action manual is NOT intended to recreate the wheel. Each service (and law enforcement & first responder agency) has its own physical training and weight manuals, standards and guidelines.

We have designed this manual to take those guidelines and regulations and drill them down into a simple and uncomplicated layout for the Tactical Athlete (TA).

It is meant to help not only those not in compliance to get into compliance, but to help the Tactical Athlete stay in compliance and ultimately exceed standards.

As we have seen since 9/11, the reserve component has been doing much of the heavy lifting throughout the world for this nation. That is not likely to change for the foreseeable future.

The Tactical Athlete who is a member of one of the reserve component units will have to find a way to stay “on top of his/her game” in order to be ready to answer the next call to pick up their gear and to prepare to deploy.

Mission Ready Fitness is designed to do just that.


MSG Jay Shepard

“I wish years ago, that I had access to information and tools such as these when I was a first sergeant.

Not only would I have been able to better help the soldiers who couldn’t seem to stay on top of their weight and PT issues…but I could have provided my commander with even higher unit readiness.

This manual gives a quick reference guide to help the soldier, agent, officer, leader…to get started on a different path and to truly understand the science and philosophy behind building the tactical athlete.

This manual supports the programs Mission Ready Fitness provides.

This manual will help get the tactical athlete started on the right path.”

MSG (Ret.) Jay Shepard
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