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Better Human App

How It Works

Mission Ready Fitness has partnered with The Better Human App (BHA) folks to provide a platform for our Mission Focused Training (MFT).

By incorporating the BHA into our MFT, it allows our Tactical Athletes to track their nutrition, supplementation, workouts, and measurements… all in one place.

Added to that, our staff here at Mission Ready Fitness will be able to track our Tactical Athletes in real time, so we can continue to monitor and assist them in reaching their goals, and in reaching and exceeding the standard.

The BHA is designed to be used, and can be downloaded on, any Apple or Android product.

Download a copy TODAY! And check out how to set up the BHA below, so that you are linked to Mission Ready Fitness and get the full complement of services we can provide.

Don’t Forget!

In order to get the full complement of services that we can provide, such as tracking of your progress by our staff, you must enter our GYM CODE into The Better Human App when you set it up. In this way we can monitor your progress and come up with changes & updates to your plan so that you continue to progress. Details on how to do this are provided in the sections below.

GYM CODE: 1503

The Down & Dirty

Watch the video below on how to set up The Better Human App. Please make sure you have registered for a PREMIUM account, and input the BHA Gym Code 1503 so you will have full access to all of the benefits of the app and our workouts/tracking.

The Workout of the Day (WOD) are the Mission Focused Training workouts posted for that day. To understand the workouts further, you will be sent a manual outlining your level of workouts in detail. When you go each day to do the MFT workouts, you can pull up each one in order, do that workout…and input your results. If you do additional training not included in the MFT workouts on the WOD, then you would input your information from those workouts on the workout tracking area (see the Workout Tracking tab for more information).

Tracking your workouts is easy with the BHA. Logging your workouts helps you, and our team, track your progress and propose changes to your workouts in order to maximize your efforts and results.

If you would like, you can scan in via bar code, many of the foods you eat. Watch the video below on how to do this.

The following video will show how to use photo recognition to add foods to your app.


The video below shows you how to adjust your macro settings so your intake is tracked properly.

Use The Better Human App to track your food intake, supplement intake, and your workouts…. all in one place.

Access our Mission Focused Training workouts straight from the WOD tab in the app.

Our staff can track your nutrition, weight, and workout progress so we can better assist you in reaching and exceeding the standard.

Input data as you go throughout the day in an easy to use app.

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